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Dubai Driving License

Requirements of Obtaining a Driving License

To obtain a driving license in the UAE, you need to be a resident of country, with a residence visa issued in any of the emirates. However, if you are a resident of an emirate but have a visa issued in another, then you need to obtain a transferal form allowing you to obtain your driver's license from the former. The minimum age for obtaining a drivers license is 18 years. An International Driving License is valid for use ONLY up to the date on which you obtain your Residence Visa, after which you will need to apply for a UAE license.

Transferring An International License

Individuals who have driving licenses from any of the GCC countries or any of the countries mentioned below, can transfer to a UAE driver's license without having to take driving lessons or tests. It is only important to transfer to a UAE driving license if you are planning to reside in the the UAE.

• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Canada
• Czech Republic
• Cyprus
• Denmark
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Holland
• Iceland
• Iran
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Luxembourg
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Singapore
• Slovakia
• South Korea
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzeland
• Turkey
• United Kingdom
• United States of America

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