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Utilities in Dubai
Electricity & Water Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the sole provider of water, electricity and sewerage. When you sign up for connection to your new home you will need to pay a deposit (AED2,000 for a villa and AED1,000 for an apartment), which is fully refundable when you leave the property. DEWA charges a standard rate per unit, currently 20 fils per unit for electricity, 3 fils per unit for water and 0.5 fils per unit for sewerage. Your DEWA bill also includes the municipality housing tax, which is 5% of the rental value of the property and covers refuse collection and utilities maintenance. Your DEWA bill will fluctuate depending on the time of year – the need for round the clock air conditioning in summer equals a high bill. The electricity supply in Dubai is 220/240 volts and 50 Hz AC, and the socket type is the same as the three-pin British system. Many appliances are sold with two pin plugs which can either be changed or used with an adaptor which are widely available. Tap water is desalinated sea water and is generally considered safe to drink – although the government’s Food & Environment Laboratory does warn of contaminated water in buildings which have poorly maintained pipes. Most people opt for mineral water, mainly because it tastes better. Gas Although gas is mostly used for cooking, there are still no gas mains in Dubai. Individual gas canisters need to be purchased and attached to the cookers. There are a number of gas suppliers. They can also connect up the supply, but let them know so that they can bring the pipes and regulators needed. Gas bottles come in three sizes: most houses use the medium size, the small are better in apartments and the large are really only for industrial use – they are enormous. The canisters initially cost around AED300 and refills are usually AED60 (keep your receipt so that you can get your deposit back). There is usually a gas van around your area at all times so chances are that if you run out of gas in the middle of cooking your chips, one call to your local gas man and he can be with you in less than 20 minutes. Gas Suppliers Honest Hands Gas Tel: (4) 285-6586 Lahej Gas Distribution Tel: (4) 337-6686 New City Gas Distributors Tel: (4) 351-8282 Oasis Gas Suppliers Tel: (4) 396-1812 Salam Gas Tel: (4) 344-8823 Union Gas Company Tel: (4) 266-1479




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